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Perguntas frequentes CENTRO


  • How much does it cost to use blinkEMDR?
    blinkEMDR costs $17/month per user.
  • How do I know a client has arrived in my waiting room?
    When a client clicks on your unique link and enters the waiting room, you'll hear a doorbell chime (make sure you have your computer volume turned on). If you're in a session, you receive a pop-up notification that your next client has arrived. When you view the "Waiting Room" section of your dashboard, you'll see your client's name and how long they have been waiting.
  • How do I let a client into my meeting room?
    From the waiting room, click on their name/icon to open the door to the session and let your client in. Clients cannot enter your meeting room on their own; this keeps the room secure.
  • Can I conduct group sessions in blinkEMDR?
    Currently, blinkEMDR only supports one-on-one sessions. You can, however, conduct individual sessions on platforms that support group calls, such as Zoom,, and GoToMeeting.
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